Redtail Spotlight – Jennifer Jenson

Redtail Spotlight – Jennifer Jenson

Nine and a half years ago Jennifer Jensen needed a temporary job and hired on as a lineman with Redtail Aviation (now Redtail Air Adventures). Today, Jen, as we affectionately call her, is the, well, everything gal. Need help with a technical issue? Call Jen.  Need someone to fuel a plane or take a reservation? Call Jen. Need a plan to get a project off of the ground and successfully accomplished?  You guessed it. Call Jen.

When Jen hired on with Redtail she had no prior experience with aviation and claims to have been “young and dumb.”  After nine years it’s safe to say she’s learned a few things about aviation and is past the point of no return – “it’s in my blood,” she insists.

She defines her position as interesting because she gets to do pretty much everything. Just a partial list: 1) help load UPS freight onto one of the 207 aircrafts every morning before 2) checking an endless inbox of emails, 3) train new employees on Redtail’s software, 4) fix computers, 5) manage network issues, 6) hook up new equipment, 7) oversee the phone systems 8) manage the email service and web presence, 9) help with reservation, 10) work the fuel line, 11)……you get the point.  Jen claims this engulfs several of the things she likes to do; fly, visit with customers while fueling airplanes and play with computers all day long.

Previously Jen owned a web design business. She has adopted a lifestyle of technology awareness and has put it into action at Redtail.  She is somewhat of a smartphone guru. “ I…try to teach people about their smart phones and the great things they can do with them. I try to nudge people into embracing technology instead of being afraid of change.”  Jen’s depth of knowledge and continuing education in this type of technology has eased the workload for many at Redtail and has helped to create a more efficient work environment.

On top of all that (You didn’t think there could be more, huh?), Jen is also the Assistant Airport Manager for the Carbon County, Utah Airport aka Buck Davis Field which is managed by Redtail Air. Jen says “The community of airport operators is just an extension of the family I have at Redtail and they are really wonderful to work with.”

Yet another thing Jen enjoys about working at Redtail is the people she gets to meet and observe.  She tells this story:

“I have so many stories it’s hard to pick one, but there was a very large group Italian tourists that will always hold a special place in my heart. I was working in Moab because we knew there would be a lot of people coming in and I had the privilege of ringing up these 50+ people who didn’t speak English and I certainly don’t speak Italian. They had great energy and were very excited about going flying. I tried to meet each airplane as they landed and every group stepped off the airplane yelling “Stupendo” which I assume means stupendous. In very limited conversation many of them kissed my cheeks and thanked me for helping them. They told me how much they enjoyed the flight and we took a lot really great group pictures. A few of them made me memorize the names of the cities they were from and in broken English told me “You come to Italy.” I guess that’s really why I love this job. I hope all of our customers have those same warm feelings about their experience because I sure do.

Believe it or not Jen actually has time for a personal life. She states being with her family is her favorite thing of all. “ My kids are awesome and my husband is nerdy like me so we all play video games and watch Star Trek. I also shoot guns, practice martial arts and volunteer a lot of time with my church. It doesn’t matter what it’s about – technology, history, linguistics, geography, chemistry, physics, philosophy, etc. – I love learning about the world and everything in it.”

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