FAQ’s About River Shuttles

River Shuttles

Sandwash drop-offs are frequently launched from both Moab and Green River. Below you will find maps to both locations!

Green River Airport

Moab Airport or Canyonlands Field is 18 miles North of the city of Moab which takes about 25 minutes to drive.

All of our river shuttles require at least 2 passengers in order to book a flight.

Arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your flight is scheduled to depart. If your flight is scheduled for 7:00 am then please arrive at 6:45 so that all luggage and passengers can be loaded for a 7:00 am departure.

Our fleet is made up of all single engine, high wing airplanes that are built for back-country adventures. Also, the high wing aircraft are perfect for an amazing scenic flight to your destination.

Unless you charter the complete airplane you will be sharing the flight with other guests. We try to seat couples and families side-by-side as much as possible. We cannot guarantee particular seating as it is often dictated by our FAA approved “weight and balance” program. However, visibility from every seat is excellent and everyone gets a window seat.

Some of our river shuttles are into strips that experience severe wind during the afternoons so below is a list of departure times for all of the river destinations.


April – 8:00 am departures out of Green River or Moab

May – Sept 7:00 am departures out of Green River or Moab


We have very few limitations on these strips, but please keep in mind that late afternoons in the summer are always windy and bumpy so if you would like to avoid discomfort then try to schedule your flight in the mornings.

All of our pilots are required to pass all Federal Aviation Administration tests as well as our own stringent flight training before flying for us. They are all trained in back country flying and are re-trained yearly to ensure proficiency.

Weather is always hard to estimate especially when you’re planning weeks or months in advance. We never charge for weather related cancellations and we’ll normally contact you in advance to let you know that we won’t be flying that day.

Cancellation Policy: All flights not cancelled within 24 hours of reservation time will be charged full price. Cancellation due to weather will not be charged. If you need to change the time or adjust your flight please let us know as soon as possible otherwise you will be charged. Email cancellation the night before your flight WILL be charged full price. Please call our office with short notice cancellations.

You can call us with the dates you would like to fly or you can email us with the same information. We will need a credit card number and expiration date to hold your reservation and all river shuttles are billed the day before the flight. Please note that if your card does not work when we run it we will NOT launch an airplane to pick you up so make sure that there will not be any reason for delays.

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