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Known for its incredible views and iconic desert landscapes, Moab is chock-full of amazing hikes. Moab hiking trails run the gamut of personalities, from long trails with untouched beauty to short and well-trafficked iconic views; every hiker can find something at their speed.

You already know the big ones, like Delicate Arch. But that is just a drop in the bucket of the hiking trails you can find around our small desert town. All around us in every direction is spectacular desert scenery with hidden-gem desert hikes to uncover. Explore sandstone canyons, magnificent arches, unique rock formations, breathtaking vistas and desert waterfalls, all just a short drive away.

Here is a breakdown of the best Moab hiking trails for all levels of hikers!

Tips to Consider As You Tackle the Best Hikes in Moab

Before you venture out on your hike, make sure to review tips on how to stay safe in the desert.

  • When exploring the Moab area, it’s essential to use sun protection. Most Moab hikes have almost 100% sun exposure, so don’t play with fire!
  • Carry plenty of water and snacks with you—more than you think! It can be scorching and dry in the area, and it is always better to come over-prepared than under. 
  • The desert biome is very sensitive to human disturbance, so practice “leave no trace” principles and stay on designated hiking trails.
  • Check the best time of year to tackle each hike. Many Moab hiking trails can be accessed in the winter and summer, but the shoulder seasons of fall and spring can offer the best hiking experience. The temperatures aren’t as extreme, and you can experience pleasant hiking weather. It’s also usually not as crowded this time of year, so it’s ideal for those who enjoy more peace and solitude.
  • Check the weather before committing to a longer hike, especially hikes that follow cliffs. The desert sandstone can get slippery with rain. 

Leave for your hike as early as possible to beat the crowds, score unobstructed views, and enjoy an empty trail. There’s nothing quite like a sunrise in Moab!

best hiking trails near moab

Beginner Moab Hiking Trails

Mill Creek

Location: Southeast Moab
Length: 1.8 Miles
Elevation gain: 65 ft.
Views: Canyons, swimming holes, waterfall

An approachable short and flat excursion, Mill Creek is doable for the whole family! It is just southeast of town and easy to access. The trail winds along a beautiful canyon, crossing paths with multiple waterfalls and swimming areas. 

Because of the water crossings, opt for sandals instead of hiking boots as your shoe of choice. This area sees a lot of foot traffic on hot summer days because it is a great place to cliff jump or cool off in the water.

Landscape Arch

Location: Arches National Park
Length: 1.9 Miles
Elevation gain: 40 ft.
Views: Stunning arch

Landscape Arch is one of the most popular hikes in Arches National Park. Landscape Arch is one of the world’s longest natural arches and measures 306 feet long! It is well worth the effort if you have never seen this beautiful natural feature before.

Located just outside Moab, you must pay an entrance fee or have a park pass to access the trailhead. The hike starts at the famous Devils Garden trailhead and is only a couple of miles roundtrip.

hikes in arches national park

Dinosaur Tracks Trail

Location: Outside of Moab
Length: 0.2 Miles
Views: Real dinosaur tracks

If you have young kids or dinosaur enthusiasts in your party, this short and easy hike is a must-do! The short path takes you to a large, tilted boulder face patterned with real, preserved dinosaur tracks. It’s only a 15-minute drive from town, and it gives you an intriguing glance into Moab’s natural history.

easy hikes near moab
kid friendly hikes near moab

Intermediate Moab Hiking Trails

Hidden Valley Trail

Location: South of Moab
Length: 4–6 Miles
Elevation gain: 1,171 ft.
Views: Expansive horizons, petroglyphs

The Hidden Valley hike is just a few miles outside Moab among stunning rocky cliffs. Because this hike is not in a national park, this is considered one of the best dog-friendly hikes in Moab. This hike is an excellent option because of its incredible scenery and the interesting petroglyphs along the route!

The first ½ mile of the hike is tough with steep and rocky terrain, climbing about 600 ft. in the first 0.6 miles. But once you get past the initial climb, the trail flattens and becomes more manageable. You will find yourself in a hidden valley high above Moab and the Spanish Valley.

hiking trail near moab

Dead Horse Rim Loop Trail

Location: Dead Horse Point State Park
Length: 5 Miles
Elevation gain: 70 ft.
Views: Views from the top of a beautiful canyon

Dead Horse Point State Park is located within the vast desert landscape full of canyons, high desert woodland, and many miles of interesting hiking trails near Moab. It is approximately a 45-minute drive from Moab but worth a trip! 

Located high up on the rim of the Colorado River Canyon, this 5-mile hike follows a loop that offers spectacular views of the canyon below. Dead Horse Point State Park is a great place to visit, especially if you want to escape the dense crowds in national parks.

Bonus opportunity: Once you’ve hiked Dead Horse Point from the ground, take to the skies to see the park from the air! The Lake Powell and Canyonlands flight tour flies over Dead Horse Point, Lake Powell, Canyonlands and more!

best hikes near moab
hikes in dead horse point state park

Dark Angel Trail

Location: Arches National Park
Length: 4.7 Miles
Elevation gain: 721 ft.
Views: Stunning rock features

The Dark Angel Trail is considered a moderately challenging hike that offers a great view of a mysterious-looking rock tower that stands alone—a stark contrast against the surrounding terrain.

You will need to tackle some rock scrambles, and this hike has an exciting (or nerve-racking, for people who don’t do well with heights) section with cliff drops on either side. But you’ll be rewarded with multiple arch sightings, petroglyphs and the majestic dark horse rock tower. 

While this trail is well trafficked, you can find some alone time on the hike—especially if you leave for an early morning adventure. This hike takes a couple of hours and potentially longer on hotter days. Make sure to bring plenty of water and protection from the sun.

Advanced Moab Hiking Trails

Syncline Loop

Location: Canyonlands National Park
Length: 7.9 Miles
Elevation gain: 1,630 ft.
Views: Possible wildlife sightings, canyon vistas

Syncline Loop is located in the Island in the Sky district of Canyonlands National Park and is one of our favorite hikes near Moab. Syncline Loop is a great option if you are looking for a longer, more challenging hike that rewards your hard work with incredible views. 

This is a more strenuous trek with somewhat difficult scrambling sections. But, this hike has lighter foot traffic than others in the park, so it is a beautiful option for seeking solitude. The scenery along the route is great, and you will likely spot some wildlife in the area!

canyon views from syncline loop hiking trail
a warning sign on syncline loop trail near moab

Gooseberry Trail

Location: Canyonlands National Park
Length: 4.2 Miles
Elevation gain: 1,400 ft.
Views: Plateau vistas

Gooseberry Trail is one of the most consistently steep trails in Canyonlands National Park, but we love it for the views and the escape from crowds. It’s open year-round, though it may be sweltering during peak summer months. 

The trail is considered advanced with rock scrambles and steep ascents, but this trail will guide you to breathtaking views of the depth of Canyonlands and beautiful vistas that seem to go on forever. Some are nervous about the steep descent, so make sure you are hiking with people who understand what they’re getting into and are up for the challenge!

Fiery Furnace Viewpoint

Location: Canyonlands National Park
Length: 8.6 Miles
Elevation gain: 1,630 ft.
Views: Slot canyons, narrow passages

This hike is short but packs a punch and requires some preparation. The Fiery Furnace is one of the most unique hikes in Arches National Park, with the terrain being a collection of narrow sandstone canyons, fins, and natural arches. 

This is considered a challenging hike because the trip through the canyons requires agility and flexibility. And with dead ends and several pathway options, it’s easy to get lost. If it’s your first time navigating this area, or you aren’t 100% confident you can follow the route, we highly recommend choosing a guided Fiery Furnace hike with a ranger. It’s an incredible, one-of-a-kind experience!

Important! To enter the Fiery Furnace, you must accompany a ranger-guided hike or obtain a Self-Guided Exploration permit before your visit, both of which can be done at the National Park Service website.

Druid Arch Trail

Location: Canyonlands National Park
Length: 10.4 Miles
Elevation gain: 1,600 ft.
Views: Possible wildlife sightings, canyon vistas

Druid Arch is an out-and-back trail located in the Needles district of Canyonlands National Park and is one of the most challenging hikes in the entire park. While it is a rugged trail, the scenery is unbeatable. The rock formations are other-worldly, and the arch itself is one of a kind! 

Unlike the other arches you can find around Moab, the remote nature of Druid Arch means you don’t have to wait in line for photos. While you may run into other hikers, you can take your time capturing this arch and enjoying the mountain scenery. We highly recommend getting to the arch as early as possible to snap photos of the sun rising over the rocks and through the arch. 

It requires some rock scrambling and hiking in sand—all while enduring high temperatures (if opting to do it in the summertime), so be sure to prepare for the conditions. However, while it is a challenging trail, the scenery is unbeatable. The rock formations are other-worldly, and the arch itself is one of a kind!

druid arch trail hike in canyonlands national park
tall rock spires on druid arch trail in canyonlands national park

Experience the Best of Moab From the Sky

While there are plenty of excellent hiking trails near Moab, you have yet to see the full story until you see this spectacular area from the sky. 

Taking a scenic flight tour with Redtail Air will show you Moab’s most iconic features that you’ve never seen before. Our pilots will narrate each area you fly over and are happy to answer any questions you have about the area or give you personalized hiking suggestions throughout your flight trip. Happy hiking!

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