Save time and enjoy an incredible flightseeing tour all in one when you choose a helicopter or airplane to travel to your canyoneering adventure destination.

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With all of the valleys, towers, canyons, and mesas in the area, it’s no surprise that canyoneering in Moab has become a popular outdoor activity for adventurous explorers. Canyoneering, in essence, is the exploration of a canyon from point to point. This exciting sport often includes hiking, rock scrambling, rappelling, and even crawling in tight spaces. 

While often confused with rock climbing, canyoneering is undoubtedly a unique sport of its own. The goal of climbing is to start at the bottom of a wall and use the rock’s natural features to climb to the top before rappelling back down. When it comes to canyoneering, on the other hand, you slide or rappel down to the bottom of a narrow gorge or ravine to explore from the ground. In many ways, it is more comparable to caving, without being fully enclosed underground. If you don’t have the necessary wherewithal and gear to canyoneer independently, you may want to book a guided trip with Get in the Wild.

Top Canyoneering Locations Near Moab

person canyoneering through a narrow slot canyon

Moab’s desert landscape has seemingly endless nooks and crannies to explore. It is truly an outdoor adventurer’s paradise! Just like Moab has endless hiking opportunities, it also has countless canyoneering options to choose from.

1. Entrajo Canyon

Entrajo Canyon is just a 20-minute drive southeast of Moab. This incredible spot is a beautiful and exciting place to try out canyoneering—even for beginners to the sport—and it is a great fit for families with younger kids. It is not considered technical, but it offers incredible scenery along the way, including one of the closest slot canyons near Moab. Canyoneering here involves hiking, rock scrambling, and two rappels. Be prepared to get wet, as there are pools in the canyon that often range from ankle deep to over your head!

2. Bow & Arrow

The Bow & Arrow canyoneering adventure is a great option for those new to the sport. The canyon is a short distance from Moab, so it is very easy and convenient to get to. There are ancient petroglyphs decorating the sandstone walls and even an incredible 80 foot arch to behold! This half-day trip includes four different rappels ranging from 25 to 110 feet!

3. Rock of Ages

If you are looking for a longer adventure but don’t quite want to commit to a full day of canyoneering, then Rock of Ages is the perfect option for you! This trip will take about 6-7 hours and it is just a few minutes’ drive from the town of Moab. There are incredible rock fins scattered across the landscape, and you’ll also get to enjoy seeing the beautiful Teardrop Arch. This canyoneering adventure includes three huge rappels and finishes off with a dramatic 140-foot drop into Pritchett Canyon. This canyon has a little bit of everything that full-day trips offer in a more condensed package.

Get There in the Air!

two people looking out at the desert through helicopter windows

To make your epic day even more adventurous, you can get to and from your canyoneering destination by air! By flying rather than driving, you can not only save yourself loads of time, but you will also get the opportunity to see the incredible landscape from above. A helicopter or plane ride will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime bird’s-eye views of the world-famous Moab desert, as well as Canyonlands National Park and all of the unique features within these beautiful landscapes.

Helicopter Canyoneering

Redtail Air recently acquired Pinnacle Helicopters, and we now offer scenic helicopter flights in addition to our many airplane options! Combining a helicopter flight with a guided canyoneering trip is truly the ultimate Moab adventure. 

There are two options when it comes to choosing a helicopter canyoneering adventure with Redtail Air: Little Blue John Loop and the aptly named Aron Ralston Route. Little Blue John is considered to be one of the most scenic canyons in the world. Fly high above the canyon walls for incredible aerial views before descending into its depths to enjoy the sights up close. This really is the best way to experience the canyon! The Aron Ralston route may sound familiar. This route was made famous by the movie 127 Hours, which recounts the harrowing true story of Ralston becoming trapped by a boulder in a slot canyon. After days of being stuck, he amputated his own arm in the name of survival. Flying to this location by helicopter is an incredible experience, and it saves you the time and hassle of driving. You can look down upon the endless slot canyons, mesas, and rock fins that make the desert so incredible.

orange and pink hued slot canyons
trail through red canyon walls in dusky light

The Ultimate Moab Adventure

If you think of yourself as a venturesome person, then you are certainly going to love helicopter canyoneering or canyoneering by airplane in Moab! Getting to and from your canyoneering adventure by air adds a whole new element of adventure to the mix, and it gives you a unique perspective of the beautiful desert landscape. Flying also saves you the time and trouble of navigating and driving to your canyoneering destination. Combining a flight with a canyoneering adventure is certainly going to be the experience of a lifetime that you will look back on and remember for years to come!

person wearing a backpack gazing out over a vast canyon

Canyonlands Tour

Our Canyonlands National Park flight tour covers stunning views of the Colorado & Green Rivers confluence, Upheaval Dome, and much more.

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