The Moab Shuttle Service that will Become the Highlight of Your Trip!

By Redtail Air Adventures

Rafters understand better than most—it’s about the journey, not the destination. So why wouldn’t you use that same logic for your Moab river shuttle?

Runners tend to get the short end of the stick on a river trip, from navigating the logistics of car drop-offs to adding hours of commute time to the adventure. An air shuttle lets you skip that annoying stage of the trip and get right to the fun!

Our Moab shuttle service will fly you to your put-in and get you right where you need to be to embark on the river trip of a lifetime. 

Moab River Shuttles: Why Get There in the Air

2 planes on Hite air strip near colorado river access

Air Shuttles Offer Stunning Scenery

You are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, and your river shuttle can add to that! Many people consider the air shuttle to be a highlight of their journey. It’s often the first opportunity many people have to fly in a small plane, offering some of the best views of Southern Utah. 

Depending on your flight, your pilot may be able to point out beautiful horseshoe bends in the river, iconic arches and other famous rock features people travel far and wide to see. From majestic canyons to the winding Colorado River below, you will see so much more of this stunning area than you would if you drove to the put-in.

thelma and louise point on the Colorado River

It’s a Quick, Efficient Way to Reach and Leave the River

Chances are, your group has limited vacation time to enjoy your Moab rafting trip. Booking an air shuttle is the best way to use your time wisely. Instead of spending hours in a cramped car to reach the put-in, you can enjoy stunning scenery and a significantly shorter commute. 

For example, if you’re in Moab and have a put-in at Sand Wash, the drive is about 4 hours (220 miles), 38 miles is dirt road. The same fly time could be just over an hour, and land right near your river put-in.

On top of that, you don’t have to add the several hours of driving, confusing logistics, and underlying stress of leaving a car at the take-out. Your runners can take a well-deserved break!

All you need to do is hop on the plane, have a fantastic time on the river, and then enjoy a smooth, streamlined flight back to your car!

Enjoy More Flexibility with Your Trip Options

Plan the river trip you want to experience without making any sacrifices in the name of time or logistics! 

Our Moab river shuttle flies to and from multiple parts of the river. You can fly from popular areas like: 

  • Moab
  • Mineral Bottom
  • Grand Junction
  • Page
  • Vernal
  • Salt Lake City
  • Henderson (Vegas)

The most popular put-in is Sand Wash. Then, you can exit the river from Hite or Mineral Bottom to be shuttled back to your car at the Airport! 

group of people loading gear onto their rafts while at Sand Wash river put in

There is Minimal Cargo Carrying

With the “door-to-door” service Moab air shuttles can offer, there is much less lugging heavy cargo for long distances. That means you get to save your energy for the river trip! Most of our shuttles can land a short distance from the river, so you can skip to the fun part of being on the river. 

You’ll See a Preview of Your River Trip

There’s no better way to increase the anticipation for your trip than an aerial overview of what you’re about to experience. Your pilot can point out different parts of the river you’ll soon get to raft, and you can enjoy a preview of the fun ahead of you. This is a beautiful sight and can help you feel more informed and prepared for your adventure. 

3 photos of aerial views of the colorado and green rivers form an airplane during river shuttle service

What Does an Airplane Shuttle Include?

Your Moab river airplane shuttle is a customizable experience so that you can plan your ideal river trip. We can manage your shuttle service to and from multiple amazing river trips on the Green and Colorado Rivers. From multiple put-ins to several different initial transportation points, you can be picky about the details of your river trip.

Popular Moab Rafting Destinations

the colorado river flowing through red rock canyons with geological features like towers and buttes, and the la sal mountains in the background

Cataract Canyon

Cataract Canyon is a stunning section of the Colorado River that winds through Canyonlands National Park and offers a front-row view of stunning canyons and rock formations that tower over a thousand feet. This trip can last multiple days to over a week, depending on the length of the river you want to tackle and the amount of time you want to spend on the river each day. This area has a reputation for challenging and exciting rapids with long stretches of breaks in between.

2 photos of Cataract Canyon on the colorado river

Desolation Canyon

The Desolation Canyon trip on the Green River offers a milder experience suitable for families and beginning rafters. This is an excellent trip for mixing in some land activities, from afternoon hikes to wildlife peeping to simply enjoying a comfortable campsite after the paddle. 

2 people overlooking desolation canyon on the green river

Canyonlands section of the Green River

This section of the Green River offers a river trip with an excellent level of variety. The river can be calm for long stretches, but this section of the river also has some exciting rapids to navigate. You’ll get to see stunning canyons, towering spires, or maybe even some ancient petroglyphs in between paddles. 

green river flowing through Desolation canyon

Things to Know Before You Book a River Shuttle

Are you ready to consider a Moab air shuttle? Here are some limitations and rules to keep in mind before you book your air shuttle ticket. 

  • All flights require a 2-person minimum.
  • Baggage is limited to 25 lbs. per passenger.
  • Passenger names and weights are required in advance, so please be prepared to provide this information to our reservation specialists.
  • Your put-in river shuttle can begin as close as Moab or as far away as Salt Lake City.
  • Take-out shuttles can deliver you back to Moab or Grand Junction, Colorado, Salt Lake City, and Henderson, Nevada.
airplane at mineral bottom river take out with red rock canyon walls in the background

Your Ticket to Adventures in Moab

Make it to your river trip quickly and efficiently with Redtail Air Moab river shuttles! If you’re eager to learn more or book your shuttle, you can check out the shuttle options here or contact us with specific questions

views from across the colorado river of rafts shored up in cataract canyon with red rock canyon walls in the back

River Shuttles

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