Traveling between Salt Lake City and Moab is Easy & Beautiful!

By Redtail Air Adventures

Getting from Salt Lake City to Moab shouldn’t be rocket science – but it’s worth researching to have your dream experience.

The drive from SLC to Moab isn’t too long, so adding some exciting experiences to break up the drive isn’t only possible, it’s fun! There is so much to see on the drive to Moab from SLC that taking the quickest route isn’t always the best option. 

But spoiler alert: If you need to get to Moab quickly, our flight from SLC to Moab is just what you need. Here’s what you need to know about getting from SLC to Moab:

interstate sign for traveling from Salt Lake City to Moab

How to Get From Salt Lake City to Moab

In short, there are three popular options:

  • Quick Drive

The no-frills, no-stops, all-business drive will take you just under four hours. While this is an ok time saver, you miss out on many exceptional views just a few miles off the main highway! 

  • Scenic Drive

This is a full-day event, so you need to budget time in your schedule for a long drive. But with that extra time, you can take in several easy-to-reach views that are well worth the spare time in the driver’s seat.

  • Flight From SLC to Moab

Best of both worlds! You can make the trip from Salt Lake City to Moab lickety-split (about 65 minutes) and still catch gorgeous views of desert scenery around Moab. Unfortunately, the only direct flight offered by Delta Airlines is no longer available. However, Redtail Air offers one-way and round-trip Salt Lake City to Moab flights!  

Since you can simply Google Maps your way to Moab on the quick drive, we will focus on the second two options for getting from Salt Lake City to Moab. Here are our favorite ways to get from Salt Lake City to Moab and all the fun they can bring!

Redtail Air flights from Salt Lake City to Moab

*NEW* Fly From SLC to Moab: The Quickest Option

Since standard commercial aircraft no longer have a direct flight from SLC to Moab, Redtail Air Connections is now offering easy flights covering this route!

Here are some fast facts about this new flight:

  • Redtail Air offers service to Salt Lake City two days a week
  • Morning flights depart from Canyonlands Regional Airport in Moab for a non-stop flight to Salt Lake City International Airport, arriving approximately one hour after departure. Passengers can arrive 20 minutes before departure, avoid the TSA hassle of passenger screenings, and take their shoes and jacket off by flying with us!
  • Flights depart Salt Lake City late afternoon for a non-stop flight to Canyonlands Regional Airport, arriving approximately one hour after departure. Because you take off and land at Atlantic Aviation, located at SLC airport, you can avoid the general airport crowds and long terminal walks!

We created this flight option so that a trip from Moab to Salt Lake City (or vice versa) is now an easy commute! Not only is the commute time a fraction of driving, but you also get the luxury of avoiding the chaos of the standard airport terminals for something a little less hectic. 

You can now travel this distance in an hour, making the jump from SLC to Moab as quick and easy as a grocery run! 

Those visiting Moab and considering a jump to SLC for a change of pace will now have access to the sweeping mountain views, vibrant city life, award-winning restaurants, exciting sports, and the famous outdoor adventure in Salt Lake City. For residents of SLC who want a quick trip to Moab for a desert escape, the red rocks and scenic vistas are now just an hour away. 

scenic drive from Salt Lake City to Moab

Salt Lake City To Moab Drive: The Scenic Option

To make the most of your day, start your journey bright and early from SLC and head southeast on I-15 South.

After about 40 minutes, you’ll find yourself driving through Provo, Utah, with views of Utah Lake. If you’re already feeling a nice break, grab coffee at Rugged Grounds in Provo and take it to Sandy Beach on Utah Lake for a quick sip with morning lake views. 

Driving from Provo to the Price area is straightforward, so use that time to jam to tunes or tune into a great podcast. Once you reach Price, the exploring begins again! Are you willing to add a few hours to the trip to see something spectacular? Veer off track in Price to Nine Mile Canyon Road. This stunning canyon is known as the “World’s Longest Art Gallery” because it’s covered in ancient petroglyphs and rock art. This is well worth a drive and a walk to see!

scenic drive through canyons from Salt Lake City to Moab

Once you have your fill of petroglyphs (if possible), head back to the highway to reach the stunning country around Moab! The next stop is the Fisher Towers Viewpoint. Take time to soak in the breathtaking views of the towering red rock formations.

After enjoying the view, backtrack a little and go to the desert country outside Moab! Arrive at the Corona Arch Trailhead. This moderate 2.5-mile round-trip hike will lead you through a beautiful canyon to the impressive Corona Arch. Take in the natural beauty and snap some memorable photos.

Another hike option is right near Moab to kick off your time in this beautiful area! Begin your hike to the Grandstaff Canyon Trailhead, just outside Moab. This scenic trail follows a creek and leads you to Morning Glory Natural Bridge, one of the largest natural bridges in the area. The hike is approximately 4.2 miles round trip and offers beautiful canyon views.

After your final hike, it’s a short drive back into Moab to relax and eat after a long day of hiking, driving, and sightseeing. We recommend a stop at Josie Wyatt’s Grill for beautiful scenery, juicy burgers, and creative drinks. 

Once You’re in Moab

Now that you’re here, you can make the most of the trip! Looking to plan a fun Moab trip itinerary? Here are some easy must-sees, dos, eats, and stays while exploring the surrounding desert.

What To Do

You’re in Moab – there’s everything to do! Here is just a fraction of the activities at your fingertips when you step into the world of adventure around Moab:

  • River Adventures: Raft, SUP, or kayak on the Colorado River!
  • Hike: You’ll be amazed by the number of hiking options you have just a short drive away. There are even some dog-friendly Moab hiking options too!
  • Helicopter Tours: You may have flown here, but a helicopter tour will offer a completely new experience! Take to the skies to hover over some of Moab’s most iconic vistas. 
  • Lake Day: Head to Ken’s Lake for a boat, hike, camp, and man-made waterfall adventure!
  • Four-wheeled fun: Rent ATV or Hummers for some of the best desert trail systems in the country!
person on a SUP on ken's lake

Where to Eat

  • Spitfire Smokehouse: Finished a long day in the desert? Nothing will fill your belly better than North Carolina-style BBQ! Spitfire Smokehouse is our go-to spot for a protein and flavor-rich meal of perfectly smoked meat and satisfying sides. 
  • The Spoke: A Moab favorite, The Spoke is a catch-all for plain ol’ delicious food. Crafting everything from scratch in their kitchen, The Spoke offers an impressive range of options and can cater to various dietary preferences. Perfect for large groups with strong food opinions!
  • Gloria’s Corner Cafe: Open all day long, this charming restaurant is a favorite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. Start the morning with a refreshing acaí bowl and end it with a hearty plate of spaghetti –  Gloria’s has it all!
  • Zax: A beloved local eatery, Zax lets you customize your pizza with all your favorite toppings so everyone gets what they want and don’t have to compromise. They even offer convenient take-and-bake options, allowing you to enjoy a fresh slice from the comfort of your couch!
zax restaurant in moab at night

Where to Stay

When in Moab, we will always suggest a camp spot! We have some recommendations for the best camping in and around Moab. 

If a cozy bed is more your style, here are some fantastic options in town:

the pool at the hoodoo hotel in moab in glowing evening light
  • Hoodoo Hotel: this beautiful hotel reflects the beauty of the surrounding red rocks with simple elegance. Just 10 minutes from Arches National Park, this luxury hotel has everything you need to relax before and after your adventures. 
  • Hyatt Place Moab: With spacious and stylish rooms, a vibrant social atmosphere, and convenient access to breathtaking national parks, this hotel is a great home base for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.
  • Archway Inn: Archway Inn is an excellent choice if you are looking for a casual and comfortable hotel perfect for family vacations. This charming hotel has private balconies, a pool, a hot tub, and easy access to the region’s remarkable outdoor adventures.
looking down nine mile canyon on a blue-sky day near Moab

Make it to Moab as quickly and efficiently as possible with Redtail Air! More information and the ability to book your flight will be available online soon; if you’re eager to learn more, you can always contact us and speak to a member of our team!

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