Do you know how to get to Moab? Here’s the spoiler: the best way to make it to Moab changes from person to person!

The views, experiences and feelings you find in and around Moab make it well worth the effort to get there. Whether you want a luxury planned experience or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure, having Moab as the finale is always a great choice. 

Each option has unique pros and cons; you can decide which one works best for you! Here’s how to get to Moab by rail, road, and air! 

How To Get To Moab

scenic views seen along the way to Moab utah

Shuttle to Moab

Shuttling to Moab can be a unique and carefree experience! When you shuttle, you get to look out the window, relax, and not worry about taking a wrong turn. There are several shuttle tours that can offer a fantastic adventure. Tauck is a great option for people who want a fully planned experience through all the best parks in Southern Utah. Utah Luxury Tours or Moab Express Tours are great options for fun day tours around Moab. 

moab express shuttle service van


  • Don’t worry about driving long distances! Shuttles are great for anyone who prefers being a passenger 100% of the time.  
  • Shuttling is sharing the road in a sustainable way. Shuttles are one big carpool that minimizes environmental pollution and traffic congestion.
  • Especially with weather and dirt roads, some people don’t prefer to drive on the rugged streets of Moab. These shuttles are operated by professionals who can handle whatever the desert throws at them.
  • Learn as you go! Shuttles have fun guides who can tell you about the stories and history of Moab and the surrounding national parks, offering context that will make the experience that much more special. 


  • You have less flexibility on your leave and arrival times.
  • Shuttles don’t run 24/7/365, so you may be at the mercy of a shuttle schedule instead of your own. 
  • You are sharing the experience with others, and you don’t have a choice on whom you share that experience with.
  • Shuttles may be unable to access all of Moab, especially remote locations requiring private cars. 

Where to Fly into For Moab

Flying into Moab is an adventure in itself! This flight covers some of the most stunning views in the country and offers an excellent overview of the area before you even land. We offer charter flights to and from Moab and work with airports in Salt Lake City, Park City, Grand Junction, Phoenix, Flagstaff and more. We also offer regular flights to and from Salt Lake City multiple times weekly. 

redtail air plane flying over canyons near moab utah


  • Flying directly into Moab is such a fantastic way to cut down on travel time and get straight to the fun. Since you’re flying directly into the Moab airport, you are immediately immersed in the outdoor fun in the area – no need to shuttle around!
  • You don’t need to plan more transportation options since you head straight into Moab. 
  • Arriving by air gets you aerial views of Moab’s stunning red rock formations, canyons, and other natural wonders.
  • Flying into Moab can save time for travelers with limited availability or wish to maximize their time exploring the area, as it eliminates the need for long drives from distant airports.


  • We fly small aircrafts, which can only accommodate up to 9 passengers.
  • Weather conditions, powerful winds and turbulence can impact flight schedules and lead to delays or cancellations, especially in winter.

Trains to Moab

You’ve heard of getting off the beaten track, but what about getting ON the beaten track? The railroad tracks the Rocky Mountaineer travels on will take you through stunning, rugged desert scenery from Denver to Moab. These trains offer an upscale experience with fine dining, giant curved windows and comfortable seats with a view. 

rocky mountaineer train to moab


  • This train runs through stunning remote scenery, some of which are unique to this form of transportation. Depending on your starting point, you can take in panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, lush forests, and stunning desert landscapes. 
  • The Rocky Mountaineer is the ultimate example of desert luxury. You can relax in spacious seats, eat gourmet meals, and enjoy attentive service for the ultimate travel splurge. 
  • Because you’re traveling with others, you can make new friends and connect with others while you enjoy the views. 
  • Train travel is an excellent option for eco-travelers because it is generally considered more environmentally friendly than driving or flying.


  • The Rocky Mountaineer provides scenic experiences over direct routes, so there may be better options if you are trying to reach Moab quickly. 
  • Luxury comes with a price tag! Traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer can be expensive compared to other options. 
  • You need to book your ticket in advance, so this train to Moab wouldn’t appeal to people who prioritize spontaneity or flexibility in their travels.

Rent a Car for a Moab Road Trip

Nobody’s going to knock a good old-fashioned road trip! Rolling down the windows, blasting some music, and snacking on your favorite road snacks are some of the most nostalgic scenes in the book. 

If you don’t want to put miles on your own car or if you want some extra oomph in your ride, check out Canyonlands Jeep Rentals for a great time rolling through the desert. 

white car driving along a road in moab
moab garage co storefront with red car rental parked in front


  • Set your schedule and explore the area at your own pace. You can make stops, take detours, and make the trip your own.
  • Depending on where you’re coming from, driving to Moab can have the best price tag for adventurers traveling on a budget.  
  • Coming with some big toys? Driving may be the only way to transport your kayaks, bikes, climbing gear and anything else you plan to tackle in Moab. 
  • It’s just a stunningly beautiful drive! You’ll pass through red rocks, forests, mountains and valleys depending on the direction you’re driving from. 
  • Driving provides the door-to-door convenience that we are used to. Any other form of transportation usually includes more planning. 


  • Driving to Moab can involve long hours on the road, especially for travelers coming from distant locations.
  • Weather and road conditions, particularly in winter months or during inclement weather, can make a trip stressful. 
  • Long-distance driving can put additional wear and tear on vehicles, and there is always the risk of a flat tire or breakdown. 
  • Finding parking can be a challenge during popular tourist seasons. You may need to park far from iconic sights or trailheads. 

Make it to Moab as quickly and efficiently as possible with Redtail Air! Learn more about our flights from Salt Lake to Moab and book online! If you’re eager to learn more or are looking to charter a flight from a different location, you can always contact us and speak to a member of our team!

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