Your Family-Friendly Expedition Guide to Seeing the Colorado River

By Redtail Air Adventures

Moab & The Colorado River: A Family-Friendly Destination

Just the thought of planning and executing a family vacation in Utah is enough to cause stress and anxiety for many people, especially if you have young children to think about. Setting aside the time, getting travel plans in place, and making sure you pack all of the necessities can be a lot to handle for anyone. That being said, having a family shouldn’t deter you from experiencing a trip of a lifetime to the Colorado River in Moab — if anything, it should encourage it! With the proper planning, you and your family can have a memorable vacation seeing the Colorado River that is fun for everyone.  

If you are searching for a destination that will be fun for the whole family, there is no better place to go than Utah! There are countless family-friendly activities that everyone will enjoy. You will without a doubt return home from your vacation with memories to last a lifetime. At Redtail Air Adventures, we want to give you some tips and suggestions to get the vacation planning rolling!

view of the colorado river from the air

Planning Your Family Vacation in Utah

The first step towards having a successful family vacation is, well… planning one! While the planning process may seem tedious, it is a very important step and will help ensure that you have a worry-free vacation with your loved ones. 


Where to Stay

Utah is a gorgeous place full of public land that is free to camp on. If you are on a tight budget, or just love to immerse yourself in nature, then camping is a great way to go!  You can set up a home base in the gorgeous sand flats, right next to the Colorado River if you are lucky enough to snag a prime spot. If you would rather stay in a hotel, there are many options right in town that can easily be booked online in advance. Check out our Moab Area Information Guide for a list of our recommended places to stay in the Moab area. This area guide also includes information on where to eat and what to do.


Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in Utah. Finding activities that the whole family will enjoy isn’t hard to do in Moab! There are hiking trails, rafting trips, mountain biking, and rock climbing opportunities around every corner. There are self-guided options and guided options in the area to choose from. You can make it your own adventure, or make it hassle-free by showing up and letting the local guides lead the way. If you want to book excursions with local outfitters, it is important to call ahead or book online in advance. Moab is a popular destination, especially in the spring and summer months! 


Scenic Flights Over the Colorado River

One family-friendly outdoor activity that many don’t initially think about is an airplane tour over the Colorado River or Utah’s most popular national parks. There are plenty of scenic flight tour options available with Redtail Air Adventures, and there is no better way to experience the magnificent natural landscapes of Utah than from the air! We can work with you to plan a tour that the whole family will enjoy. Be sure to bring a camera to capture all of the family fun.

Rafting Adventures on the Colorado River

If your family are water people, we’d recommend a half or full-day rafting the Colorado River with our friends Wild West Voyages. They offer big wave trains and splash floats, as well as milder scenic floats down the Colorado River. In addition to rafting, they have kayaks, SUPs and a high ropes challenge course available for the whole family.

Jeep Adventures with Colorado River Views

Another family-friendly adventure that keeps your feet on the ground versus in the water or up in the air is a sunset jeep tour in Moab, high above the Colorado River. Our friends over at Outlaw Adventure Tours offer a popular sunset jeep through Hell’s Revenge. This family-friend tour takes you past views of the La Sal Mountain and Grandstaff Canyon, ending with a spectacular overlook view of the Colorado River.

view of the colorado river from the air
view of the colorado river from the air

Fly the Colorado River for a Unique Family Adventure!

At Redtail Air Adventures, we want to provide opportunities for adventurous families to enjoy all together. We believe that no one should feel left out! That is why our Colorado River Tour is suitable for anyone over the age of 2, so pack up the car and whole family, and head on over —we can’t wait to fly with you! 

The Colorado River Tour by air is one of our longest flight tour options available. Guests will be up in the air for 4 hours, during which we will pack in as much adventure and sightseeing as possible! We want to make sure you have a great experience with us. The flight takes off at 8:00 am, which gives us ample time and daylight to see all of the awesome views that this tour provides! 

Our classic flight tour that will fly you over the Colorado River provides you with breathtaking views of unbeatable scenery. Sight the famous Cataract Canyon Rapids, Lake Powell, and Rainbow Bridge National Monument —all from a bird’s eye view, and from the comfort of an airplane! We will then fly over the famous Horseshoe Bend before landing the plane at Marble Canyon, which is at the head of the Grand Canyon. This is where the family can enjoy lunch at Marble Canyon Cafe and take a stroll out to eh Navajo Bridge to see the rare Califonia Condors

After a couple of hours of flying and a stop for lunch, we take off once again for some more sightseeing. At this point, you will get the incredible opportunity to see Monument Valley and Natural Bridges National Monument from the air. By the time we get back on land at Canyonlands Field, you will have seen more sights than most people can see in a week of being in Moab!

view of the colorado river from the air
view of lake powell in moab along the colorado river from the air

Time to Relax in Moab with the Family

After your airplane tour over the Colorado River, you might be in need of a little rest and relaxation! The main drag in Moab has many great dining options and shops to stop in as you wind down for the evening. Desert Bistro is one of the best options if you are searching for authentic Southwestern American cuisine, but there are also plenty of other restaurants to choose from to satisfy your tastebuds!

downtown moab street view

We Hope to See You Soon!

There is a reason that Moab is considered a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure lovers of all kinds, and epic family vacations. This seemingly small desert town is packed full of opportunities for people of all ages and adventure interests. Many people return year after year, to continue to experience the magic of this wonderful place.

Since the Colorado River runs right through Moab, and the area is a hub for some of the world’s most stunning national parks, it’s no wonder this area is a top-notch destination for vacations, and a prime spot that everyone can enjoy. We hope that you come visit Moab, and make some memories to last a lifetime!


Still have questions about family vacations to Moab and things to do along the Colorado River? Contact Us and we’d be happy to chat and provide our recommendations and local insight!

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