Everything you need to know about our helicopter tours!

By Redtail Air Adventures

So, you’re thinking about trying a helicopter tour in Moab, Utah!

We don’t doubt that you have some questions. Not many people have tried a helicopter tour, which is an incredibly unique experience. It’s not like heading to the airport and hopping on a 747! It’s an intimate, stunning, scenic adventure that people of all ages will love. 

Our helicopter adventures fly over some of the most scenic vistas around Moab, from natural bridges to sweeping desert valleys. With the ability to pause at areas, float over special scenic areas, or get closer looks at backcountry hidden gems, helicopters offer a curated, one-of-a-kind adventure.

So, let’s dive into what to expect on your Moab helicopter tour

What to Expect During Utah Helicopter Tours

Your Moab helicopter tour will start at the Moab airport, located 20 minutes north of downtown Moab on Highway 191. We’ll have a pre-flight chat and then guide you to your aircraft. Then, the real fun begins. 

Your Moab helicopter tour will include: 

A Knowledgeable Pilot and Guide

Your pilot has spent almost as much time in the air as on the ground! In their years of experience flying around the Moab desert, we’ve curated a few fantastic routes that pack endless views into one flight. As you float over the different areas, your pilot and guide will point out unique rock features, hidden arches, and winding rivers you should pay attention to and capture with your cameras before you return to the airport. 

3 people gather outside a helicopter listening to a pre-flight briefing before their helicopter ride in moab

Amazing Views

Speaking of rock features and hidden arches, Redtail’s helicopter tours can get you one-of-a-kind views of some iconic vistas in and around Moab. You can fly over Island in the Sky, Corona Arch, the edge of Canyonlands National Park, Potash Ponds, Castle Valley, Dead Horse Point, and so much more. 

view of the canyonlands area as seen from a helicopter tour

Stories About the Area

The views are phenomenal, but understanding the stories and context behind the scenes makes them that much more special. Your pilot will narrate your expedition and give you interesting facts and historical perspectives about the area to make the rock features and sweeping valleys come alive. 

black helicopter flying over the canyonlands area near moab, utah

Redtail Air’s Helicopter Tour FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions people have about Utah helicopter tours. If you still have questions about the experience, reach out to our team! We’re happy to walk you through our helicopter tours.

How Fast Do Helicopters Go?

The speed of helicopters greatly depends on the design and size of the craft. Here at Redtail Air, we fly a Robinson R-44 Helicopter, which has a top speed of about 90 miles per hour. But don’t worry, we fly at the proper speed for you to get the amazing pictures that you desire!

Can Helicopters Fly Over National Parks in Utah?

Helicopters are not permitted to fly over the national parks. However, we can “skirt the edge” of Canyonlands National Park and point out some amazing views from the outside looking in!

If you are looking for a flight tour over the national parks, our airplane tours can cover the ground (and by that, we mean the sky) over Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, or Monument Valley! If you would like to see more or have a dream checklist of views, Redtail Air also offers private charter airplane flights.

How Much Does a Helicopter Tour Cost?

The cost of helicopter tours depends on the route you choose. Some are longer than others, so our prices range from $200 to $500 per trip. 

How Many Passengers Can Fit in a Helicopter?

Our helicopters carry a maximum of three passengers per flight.

3 passengers and a pilot posed in front of helicopter

Can We Land on Our Helicopter Tour?

You can get some stunning views from the air, but we are not currently running helicopter tours that include landings. We promise you’ll want to spend every second in the air anyway!

Why Choose a Helicopter Tour Over an Airplane Tour?

This is a tricky question to answer because we love both! However, in the argument for helicopter tours, this type of tour allows passengers to hover over landmarks, fly lower, and access more remote areas than airplanes can. Helicopters can maneuver more freely and at lower altitudes for intimate, up-close views of rock features and desert vistas. The smaller size of helicopters also creates a great atmosphere that can feel more intimate to some passengers. You can find out more in our guide comparing airplane tours vs. helicopter tours.

Are Helicopter Tours Narrated?

Our knowledgeable and experienced pilots narrate our helicopter tours. From stories and fast facts to answering your burning questions, you’ll end your trip with a head full of views and information! Your guides can also give you great custom Moab recommendations of other fun activities, places to stay, the best restaurants, or things to try during the rest of your trip—ensuring you make the most of your adventure. 

view out of the front of a helicopter with the pilot pointing out sites seen from a utah helicopter tour

What Should I Bring on My Helicopter Ride?

You don’t need much for your trip! We recommend a light jacket for the altitude, water, and a camera to capture all the views from the sky. Those who are nervous about experiencing motion sickness are welcome to take their preferred medication before their flight. Other than that, a sense of adventure is all you need!

Do you Tip Your Helicopter Pilot?

Tips are entirely at your discretion. If you received great service on your flight, our pilots would certainly appreciate the gratuity, and we would love to read your experience in a TripAdvisor or Google review!

What Happens if There Is Weather on The Day of Your Helicopter Tour?

If the Moab weather is not conducive for a flight, your flight may be canceled. In those situations, we will work with you to reschedule your flight or, if necessary, provide a full refund.

Are Helicopter Rides Bumpy?

Our helicopter tours are exceedingly smooth for the most part! Since we don’t fly in weather that is not conducive to helicopters, our flights rarely have turbulence.

view from the front of a helicopter tour of the canyons below

Moab is excellent on the ground, but even better from the air! Are you ready to plan your trip to Moab? Make the most of your trip by taking to the skies for multiple stunning perspectives of this magical place. Reach out to our team to plan your trip!

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