Whether you're looking to explore by land, air, water, or all three, the Moab area offers endless scenic adventures to be enjoyed.

By Redtail Air Adventures

With all of the incredible sights the area has to offer, there are endless scenic adventures around Moab to be had! Year round, you can experience the incredible landscapes from the land, the air, and the water. Many of the more popular excursions in the Moab area take place in the local national parks, but there are also a lot of hidden gems to be found outside the parks. There are a multitude of ways to enjoy the incredible natural landscapes in and around Moab. Whichever adventures you decide to go with, you can’t really go wrong! Each adventure is unique and exciting in its own right, and you can always explore Moab in new ways each time you come back.

Moab Scenic Adventures by Land, Air, and Water

Scenic Drives Near Moab

Driving around can be a great way to experience some amazing views in and around Moab, including some incredible views of Monument Valley. If the weather is unfavorable or if you have limited walking capabilities, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the beautiful scenery! Potash Road (U-279), Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway (U-128), and La Sal Loop are just a few of the many beautiful, scenic drives that are close to town.

Scenic Off-Road Adventures Near Moab

Getting off of the main roads and into the nitty-gritty slickrock on a 4×4 or Jeep tour is a very popular option that is incredibly fun! You can rent your own vehicle to drive or you can opt for a ride-along, where your only job is to have a good time and enjoy the ride. Among the many options available, Outlaw Adventure Tours offers a popular Hell’s Revenge tour at sunset. These scenic tours are a great way to get off the beaten path and into more exciting terrain that you might otherwise miss out on.

Scenic jeep tours Moab

Scenic Hikes Near Moab

Fall and spring are the best seasons to lace up your boots and take a hike in the Moab area. Temperatures are cooler, and there are trail options ranging all the way from easy to difficult. Mill Creek, Landscape Arch, and Syncline Loop are just a few of the best scenic hikes in the Moab area, but the possibilities are endless! There really are scenic hike options for hikers and adventurers of all skill levels around Moab. You’ll be sure to find some (or many!) trails that you’re excited to explore.

Moab scenic hikes
Moab scenic hiking trails

Scenic Climbing Adventures Near Moab

While most tourists visiting Moab are not rock climbers, it is considered a mecca for the sport! Rock climbers come from near and far to climb in the Wall Street, Fisher Towers, and Indian Creek areas, among many others. Moab has plenty of both sport and trad climbing options. If you’re looking to climb some pretty cool rocks, then you’ll love the routes to be found here.

scenic climbing near moab

Scenic Horseback Riding Near Moab

For the animal lovers out there, taking a tour on horseback is an amazing way to experience the desert. Guided by a professional wrangler, you get to explore the trails as the cowboys of the wild west once did! Book an excursion through Moab Adventure Center to ride up Castle Creek or Castle Rock and learn all about the history of this wild landscape.

Moab Scenic Flights

Just like there are many ways to see Moab’s landscapes from the ground, there are also multiple ways in which you can experience Moab from the air! You can opt to take a scenic flight tour, a scenic hot air balloon ride, or even a scenic helicopter tour. Experiencing the desert from above is a truly unique experience where you’ll get once-in-a-lifetime views and incredible photo opportunities. Each type of air tour has its own unique benefits and limitations. It helps to know ahead of time what you may expect on each one, so you can choose the one that is most appealing to you.

Scenic flights near Moab

Scenic Air Tours

Redtail Air is proud to offer scenic flight tours over the greatest landscapes found in the Moab area. Our most popular flights take you over the famous Arches and Canyonlands National Park, but we also offer many other tour options. Our pilots can take you over Monument Valley and Fisher Towers, as well as Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Park. When you book a scenic flight tour with Redtail Air, you get to experience so much more of the scenic landscape than you could in a week or more of exploring by foot. Our pilots are incredibly knowledgeable about the local geology, and they are happy to answer any questions you have while you’re on board. Headsets are given to each guest so that you can communicate with your pilot and fellow passengers. In addition to scenic flight tours, we also offer custom charter options, as well as transportation to and from river rafting locations.

scenic flight tours near moab

Scenic Hot Air Balloon Rides

Airplanes aren’t the only vehicles that allow you to see the gorgeous landscape from above. You can also experience Moab and the surrounding areas by hot air balloon. Red Rock Ballooning can fly you over Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point, and the Determination Towers. By nature, hot air balloons travel more slowly than airplanes. This may be a benefit or a drawback depending on how you look at it. On a scenic flight tour by plane, you may be able to experience more landscape in less time. A hot air balloon tour, however, is a unique aviation experience and another great way to explore the desert at a leisurely pace.

Moab scenic hot air balloon rides

Scenic Helicopter Tours

Another great way to experience Moab and the parks from the air is by helicopter. Pinnacle Helicopters can fly you over backcountry arches, enormous canyons, incredible buttes, and so much more. This company also offers photography tours and allows you to customize your flight route and length. 

Moab scenic helicopter tours

Scenic Water Adventures Near Moab

White water rafting, swimming, and stand-up paddle boarding are all fun ways to enjoy the Green and Colorado Rivers during your stay in Moab. Wild West Voyages offers rafting, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding excursions on the Colorado River. Western River Expeditions offers multi-day trips in Cataract Canyon and Desolation Canyon.

scenic water adventures near moab

Moab, Utah is one of the greatest travel and adventure destinations in the entire world—and for good reason. With seemingly endless opportunities for world-class hiking, mountain biking, camping, and climbing, there is something here for everyone to enjoy! With the many unique ways to experience Moab from the air, land, and water, you can get an entirely new experience each time you visit.

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